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Filter, classify, analyze alerts.
Track inventory and recalls.

Le cockpit pour la gestion des alertes de sérialisation par Serial BI

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Serial BI

Supply Chain solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

The only analytical and decision-making tool of the market allowing to develop fast and reliable diagnostics.

Monitors and classifies large numbers of alerts.

Isolates suspicious alerts thanks to state-of-the-art technologies.

The essential complement to transactional tools used for the management of serialisation alerts.

Better visualize your data and better analyze alerts to better fight against counterfeiting

thanks to BI solutions shaped for the pharmaceutical industry!

There will soon be 2 billion boxes of medicine each year in the system in France...

Identify and find a counterfeit or another error in an Excel file is worthy of Champollion!

With Serial BI, finally have personalized dashboards that are easy to analyze!
Your serialization data combined with our mastery of Business Intelligence

allow you to trace serialization errors and
act faster and in a more targeted way!

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The puzzle of managing alert codes

Every day, many serialization errors are identified in data sent back from city pharmacies or hospital pharmacies.

Some serialization errors can produce up to 10,000 alerts in one week.

Analyzing these errors take a lot of time, making a diagnosis even more. Especially if you only have excel files to trace these errors.

In fraud case, the risk of this error being lost in the middle of simple process errors is all the more important.

Seria BI has already set up efficient logistics to handle these alerts.

Serial BI proposes to exploit serialization data for the benefit of all actors in the supply chain.

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Exemples de tableaux de bord pour la gestion de la sérialisation par Serial BI

MVO solution

Serial BI is THE solution enabling to filter MVO alerts, to investigate, monitor the batches that have been recalled, to update the list of pharmacies by supervising their activity, to evaluate the activity thanks to the history and many other things.

Serial BI allows multiple analysis approches which do not require specific expertise in the serialization. Once implemented, the reporting is automated, there is no more need to compile figures to respond to requests from manufacturers or authorities.

Serial BI allows to divide by 7 the analysis time of alerts compared to an Excel file and makes their analysis more reliable.

The little extra: a geographical mapping of alerts to guide the investigation and search for fraud.

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Souton MVO

MAH solution

The little extra: By using Serial BI together with our partner solution, Cactus, the entire supply chain is under control and automated.

The little extra: Share alerts between manufacturers who have given their consent, in compliance with privacy rules, to increase analysis power.

The Serial BI cockpit allows you to manage all the alerts of the entire supply chain, from the production site to the patients.

  • Checks that the batches are correctly loaded into the EMVO from the factory to the dispensary,

  • Analysis the history of existing alerts over different periods

  • Intuitive and simple tracking tools,

  • Automates analyzes by providing risk scoring,

  • Improves stock-outs anticipation thanks to alerts,

  • Ease product recalls management ,

  • Develops risk scenarios based on past alerts,

  • Detects weak signals making it possible to identify atypical or clusters of similar alerts,

  • Models grounds for suspicion of counterfeiting

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exemple de tableau de bord pour gérer la sérialisation pharmaceutique par Serial BI
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