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Business Case 1 - Saving time

Serial BI - analytical capabilities

How can you save time managing your alerts?

Serial BI provides pharmaceutical laboratories with numerous possibilities for analyzing their serialization alerts. We've outlined several examples and scenarios that our customers have encountered most frequently. One of them is the time spent on their identification.


"I've received 1,200 alerts this week, it's already taking me 10 minutes to extract the ones that concern me, and another 10 minutes to find out if there's an important alert to deal with."

Serial BI saves you time with automated processing of your data, as well as eliminating the risk of errors associated with manual and repetitive actions.

Serial BI highlights key information that helps you identify important events.

There are many other ways to visualize your data. Our cockpit is 100% customizable to your analysis needs.

Ask our team for more information about all the possibilities Serial BI has to offer.

Serial BI, a cockpit to track and trace pharmaceutical logistics, between the factory and the patient.


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