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Business Case 3 - Identify the cause of the alerts

Serial BI analysis capabilities

How to identify the cause of alerts more quickly?

Serial BI offers pharmaceutical companies numerous possibilities to better understand and analyze their data.

To quickly correct simple errors, it is important to be able to sort through all the alerts received on a daily basis and then clearly identify the cause of the problem.


"How do I sort through all my alerts that really matter?"

By comparing your alerts over the same time period with anonymized alerts from our customers, Serial BI lets you know whether the problem is coming from your lab or a pharmacy.

Serial BI identifies the causes of alerts and the third party responsible for resolving them. You know for which alerts your lab has actions to take (e.g. batch shipped not updated).

There are many other ways to highlight your data. Our cockpit is 100% customizable to your analysis needs.

Ask our team for more information! You'll be amazed at all the ways Serial BI can help your pharmaceutical lab ensure efficient serialization.

Serial BI, a cockpit to track and trace pharmaceutical logistics, between the factory and the patient.


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