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Business Case 2 - Identify the source of the alerts

Serial BI analysis capabilities

How to identify the source of alerts more easily?

When dealing with alerts, it is also important to be able to immediately identify which box is problematic, and if there are other cases and how often.

It could be a simple mislabeling that can have a significant impact and generate additional costs that could have been anticipated more easily with Serial BI.


"I want to be able to know if there are a lot of pharmacies that can't deliver one of my medications, and what has changed over the weeks and months?"

Serial BI allows you to quantify (volume and revenue) the anomalous boxes in the pharmacies (anonymized).

Serial BI will allow you to see if the problem is specific to your lab.

Serial BI offers many other possibilities for organizing and visualizing your data. We will work with you to determine which data is essential for your decision-making.

Ask our team for more information and we will be happy to answer your questions and show you concrete examples for your pharmaceutical laboratory.

Serial BI, a cockpit to track and trace pharmaceutical logistics, between the factory and the patient.


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