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Business Case 4 - Identify counterfeits

Serial BI analysis capabilities

How to reliably identify counterfeits?

Serial BI offers a wide range of analysis options for pharmaceutical laboratories. We've outlined several examples and scenarios that our customers use most frequently, especially when it becomes necessary to track and trace counterfeits.


"How can I estimate a percentage of errors versus the number of boxes sold in the previous year, see trends and detect counterfeit risks?"

With accès to historical data, Serial BI allows you to:

  • track trends (performance of different players),

  • identify suspicious situations (potential counterfeits) and

  • target them from a large volume of data.

As you can see, the possibilities for customizing our Serial BI cockpit are almost infinite. Depending on your analysis needs, we adapt each gauge and view to give you greater visibility into your data.

Ask our team for more information. We would be happy to give you all the details of our approach and all the benefits for your pharmaceutical laboratory.

Serial BI, a cockpit to track and trace pharmaceutical logistics, between the factory and the patient.


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